“Elke is a rare combination in the art world. Her creative gifts provide diverse audiences with the opportunity to encounter a fresh and renewed paradigm of Jewish arts in a rich cultural and spiritual context. Her personal artistic talents are only enhanced by her profound ability to inspire, organize, and catalyze a vibrant movement of multidisciplinary Jewish artists who both capture timeless tradition and challenge stale structures of expectation and complacency. If you have the opportunity to bring Elke to your community, do not hesitate – and prepare for a renaissance.
– Adam Segulah Sher, Director, Transformative Experiences Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT

Tanger Hillel has had the privilege of knowing Elke Reva Sudin for the past two years where she has consistently brought an engaging personality to our projects. She appeals to a diverse audience of college students, leading sessions, workshops, and conversations. Elke brings her dynamic and charismatic personality to everything that she is involved in.
– Nadya Drukker, Executive Director, Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College

It was such a pleasure working with Elke. As an informal Jewish educator, I am constantly looking for new ways for my students to engage in their own Jewish journey. When I approached Elke with the idea of creating a workshop about the concept of Shabbat, light and art, the program that she developed was more than I could have dreamed. We received incredible feedback from all participants. It was truly a memorable experience.
– Whitney Fisch, MSW, Middle School Counselor

“We thought our unusual packaging and album concept were going to very challenging for an artist, which is why we decided to go with the very best. Not only are Elke’s illustrations beyond moving, but her level of professionalism made it an absolute pleasure to work with her on designing our album covers. Elke is timely, efficient, forthcoming, insightful, and above all a brilliant talent. Sure, we’re proud of our music, but we’re just as proud to put Elke’s work alongside ours.” Stereo Sinai