‘Sacred Voices’ at the Canton Museum of Art, Ohio

Sacred Voices features contemporary Christian, Jewish, and Muslim artists who are seeking to express their faith through their art. This exhibit opens is in conjunction with the exhibit, Illuminating the Word: The St. John’s Bible.

Sacred Voices
Curated by Michele Waalkes

Dec 5, 2013 – March 2, 2014

Canton Museum of Art
1001 Market Avenue North, Canton, OH 44702

Exhibiting Artists: Adil Akhtar, Salma Arsutu, Siona Benjamin, Sandra Bowden, Sharon Charmley, Robert Eustace, Barbara Februar, Igal Fedida, Makoto Fujimura, Peter Gould, Hayat Gul, Reem Hammad, Bruce Herman, Tobi Kahn, Ameena Khan, Faraz Khan, Edward Knippers, Philip Lawrence, Eileen Levinson, Richard McBee, Uzma Mirza, Salwa Najm, Sana Naveed, Tony O’Connell, He Qi, Elke Reva Sudin, Deborah Rolnik Raichman, Mordechai Rosenstein, Christina Saj, Susan Savage, Seema Sayyidah, Anne Shams, Joy Stember, Feda Suleiman, Yona Verwer, Tom Wachunas, and Chris Wurst.

Press for the exhibit: Canton Rep,
Ohio Magazine

My paintings on display:
12 Tribes (above), Joseph in Exile (below)

More Photos:
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Opening Night