Join us in the creation of a collaborative mural using techniques from contemporary street art and the Exquisite Corpse process. No experience necessary.

Theme: What Jewish life might look like at the start of shmita year 2022.

Limmudniks filled out post-it notes with their vision for the future on the wall of the dining hall. Use this as inspiration to take those ideas and draw them into our collaborative mural!


* Get an idea from the post-it-notes.
* Sketch your idea on paper. If you need help ask for it! Ask a fellow Limmudnik or the session leader.
* Mark off a section of the canvas to fill.
* Draw in your idea with the available paint markers.
* Fill in your drawing with acrylic paint.
* Or just go straight to paint!

Tip: Look up reference images on your phone!

Materials list:
     – Paint markers
     – Acrylic paint
     – Foam brushes
     – bowls for water
     – paper towels
     – stencils