German Consulate NYC Hosts “Hipsters and Hassids”

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On August 20th, Elke will be presenting works from her “Hipsters & Hassids” series and speaking at the German Consulate on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in an event hosted by the Global Round Table. Elke will be speaking about herself, her art, and what it means to be a Jew in New York.

At this upcoming event, university students and young professionals from around the world working at the German, French, Italian, Spanish European Union Consulates and UN Missions (the possible next generation of Ambassadors) will be meeting young Jewish New Yorkers to learn from attendees what it means to be Jewish and living in New York.
Most of these interns have never met a Jew before. This event gives them an opportunity to get know Jewish people and to learn about the culture in an intimate setting.

The Global Round Table’s mission is to expand global understanding through personal encounters. They “envision a world in which individuals, businesses and communities come together through the best of our humanity for the good of the whole.”\

Elke’s work fits right into the mission of this event. Just as the Global Round Table’s Mission is to unite the world through understanding, Sudin’s work is inspired by cross-cultural intersections. Her aim is to create harmony from visual and societal chaos. Through her “Hipsters & Hassids” paintings she creates visual comparisons between two prominent subcultures in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who are finding themselves more and more publicly at odds. The works will be up for one night only for this special event.