My art deals with the tension between the traditional and the contemporary coexisting in a shared space. I do this by painting portraits and urban landscapes that reflect cultural phenomena, using a combination of linear graphics, geometrical ornament, fish-eye views, and multiple perspectives to condense a culmination of views into a single image. This technique is inspired by teachings in the Kabbalah in Judaism where contradictory truths are able to exist at the same time, and this allows me to show a transcendence of time and space, and bring multiple avenues for entry and awareness.

My paintings are steeped in traditional realism, yet share in the graphic qualities of our current visual culture. The work intentionally balances easy to distinguish characteristics making it approachable to a broader audience, while containing deeper layers of meaning left up to  the viewer’s interpretation.

By uniting incongruous worldsin a colorful energetic and playful manner, I work to make an impact on social norms, and help broaden the perspective of the viewer. My art is a bridge, uniting current trends of this generation while respecting the traditions of previous generations, where the ancient and the modern coexist in a transcendence of contradiction.