Elke Reva Sudin is a Brooklyn based visual artist and entrepreneur. She has gained recognition in international media for her prolific work including painting series “Hipsters and Hassids” and her international company, Drawing Booth.

Elke specializes in capturing the essence of her subjects with nuanced likenesses in portraiture and personified urban landscapes in her oil and en plein air digital paintings. Her ability to bridge seemingly disconnected concepts through her work has become a hallmark of her synergetic mindset on canvas and in her professional projects.

Elke is currently inspired by the nature of consciousness and the correlation between divergence theories in evolutionary biology and modern cultural phenomena. Her latest works in progress explore vibrational frequencies as a mental and spiritual self-calibration process.

Elke has a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute and iPad landscapes are represented by Boston Art. Elke is a new mother, reiki master, urban gardener, and Orthodox Jew.

Follow her @elkerevasudin and her business @drawingbooth. For commission or original artwork inquiries, contact the artist.