Elke Reva Sudin is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She creates paintings and digital drawings that bring attention to elusive cross-cultural intersections in urban environments. She also creates rapid-fast minimalist portrait sketches in her live-art experiences. Sudin has gained recognition in international media for her prolific work for not just her art but her ability to activate people around an artistically based social cause. Sudin’s artwork, and public personality, are unapologetic about her Jewish identity and through her work she finds ways to help tell the stories of other’s strong identities.

Sudin was first recognized in 2010 for her painting series “Hipsters and Hassids”, which received critical acclaim in such prominent publications as The New York Times, EL PAÍS, and Haaretz. The series showed the similarities between these two distinctive and often opposing communities living side-by-side in New York City who Sudin found similarities where others only focused on conflict. This work continues to inspire new projects such as hasidorhipster.com and a segment on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

In 2012, Sudin premiered her follow up series “We Are Patriarchs”, elegant oil paint portraits of contemporary Jews referencing biblical figures. Sudin frequently performs live art painting including events in Miami at the Wynwood Walls and speaks on her work nationally. In 2015 she was awarded the Art Sprinter Emerging Jewish Artist Award along with an exhibition at the One Art Space gallery in New York. Sudin has exhibited at such galleries and museums as the Canton Museum of Art in Ohio, the Madden Museum in Colorado, Vivant Art Collection in Philadelphia, and Benrimon Contemporary and Culturefix in New York, among others. Actress Mayim Bialik (of The Big Bang Theory) recognized Sudin as a prominent example of a religious female artist on Kveller.com citing a NY Daily News article about Sudin’s exhibitions in Miami during Art Basel.

3T6A9758-1500hSudin is currently recognized as an iPad artist with artwork represented by Boston Art in Massachusetts and has presented at the Apple flagship stores in New York and San Francisco.
The Getty Museum has written about her iPad art on their blog and the Freer Sackler Museum in Washington D.C. has “regrammed” her iPad drawings that were inspired by their collections.

Since hosting her own exhibition to premiere Hipsters and Hassids, Sudin has worked to find ways to help other artists promote their work. She subsequently founded the media outlet Jewish Art Now to bring awareness to an international community of artists who all redefine stereotypes on Jewish art. As curator, she has presented programs at Works In Progress, the Flomenhaft Gallery, Gallery Bar, and Industry City, in New York. In 2011, Sudin was named one of the Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36” young Jewish innovators and in 2013 participated in the PresenTense fellowship in New York.

Later that year Sudin founded CreaCo (Creative Coexistence), at Brooklyn College which uses art to unify cultural diversity on campus. Sudin worked with the art school and the diverse cultural clubs on campus to create an artistically stimulating environment that allowed students to explore their cultural heritages in a communal space. CreaCo continues to bring students together and create dynamic experiences to this day.

In 2014 Sudin combined her ultra-fast brush and ink portrait drawing roots with her later management skills to launch NY Drawing Booth. The company brings artists to mingle in the crowd and draw digital portraits on iPads for both personal and corporate events internationally. Clientele includes Bain Capital, ESPN, Godiva, IBM, L’Oreal, Macy’s, and Marriott Hotels. Sudin’s unique approach of high talent and sophisticated style has landed her company recognition as an innovative creative service in industry publications such as Bizbash, Meetings & Events Magazine, and InStyle Magazine. Recently, Sudin and her company were featured in the Times of Israel highlighting the unique services and how her identity plays a part.

Sudin holds a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute in New York. View her work at www.elkerevasudin.com and follow her @elkerevasudin.