Elke Reva Sudin is a visual artist inspired by new and imagined cross-cultural intersections as they converge with her Jewish identity. Her artwork deals with the tension between the traditional and the contemporary as a consequence of a growing globalized society. Her aim is to use her art as a bridge, creating harmony between visual and societal chaos.

Sudin received critical acclaim for her “Hipsters and Hassids” painting series and has been featured in The New York Times, The NY Daily News, The New Yorker, New York Press, Haaretz, EL PAÍS, The WG News, The Hartford Courant, World Net Daily, and Tablet Magazine.

In 2010, Sudin founded the media outlet Jewish Art Now with the aim to redefine Jewish art in the 21st Century, and has curated programs at Works In Progress, the Flomenhaft Gallery, Gallery Bar, and Industry City, in New York.

Sudin received a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute in New York. In 2011, Sudin was named one of the Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36” young Jewish innovators and in 2013 participated in the PresenTense fellowship in New York.

In 2013 Sudin founded CreaCo, a program at the Brooklyn College Hillel that uses art to unite cultural diversity on campus.

Recently, Sudin founded the company NY Drawing Booth which brings artists to events drawing 2-minute portraits on iPads.

Sudin lives with her filmmaker husband Saul in Brooklyn, New York. Her latest series “We Are Patriarchs” has been touring in the US. Follow her @elkerevasudin.